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Starting off with 16 players and some injuries in the first few mins, the team was bolstered by some of the older Senior Mens team. Hard fought losing 41-14. The score doesn't reflect the effort the Sappers put in against a heavily loaded (no pun intended) Gunners team.

Shout out to Esekaia Tuilovoni Matt Pritchard Tom McMulkin and Simon Fudge for holding the Masters team together this season.

- Cedric Ahsam



Royal Engineers Masters vs REME Masters - Match Report Reported By Ben Hawkins - RE Masters

The Royal Engineers’ Masters Rugby season got off to a winning start with a 19-5 victory against the REME at their home fixture, held at Royal Wootton Bassett Rugby Football Club on 28 Sep 16.

The first half saw both sides struggling to get into their stride, with sustained pressure from REME at 10 minutes which resulted in a knock on from strong and aggressive RE Defence. From a defensive scrum, the Sappers ran out of 22 which culminated in the ball coming off a REME head, and into touch on halfway. The Corps won the line out, but it was soon turned over, and back again. A lightening shimmy saw Billy Crystal steps trough the defensive line and into 22 but RE turned over again & give the penalty. The REME made a strong run out of their 22 but a clear forward pass give up possession back just outside their 22. The RE attacking scrum yielded nothing, and a kicking contest resulted in the Sapper kick going into the and beyond the deadball zone.

After a period of sustained pressure by REME on RE line was held at bay by some manful tackling and Defence led by Billy Moore amongst others. A charged down RE clearance kick and sustained pressure finally saw the Corps line breached to put the REME 5-0 up. They missed the conversion.

From the RE kick to begin second half saw the RE Masters come out of the blocks at a higher tempo than the REME. After a sustained period of RE pressure and due to a cracking phase of play, the Corps’ first try was scored under the posts by Henry (sorry, don’t know surname). 5-7. Soon after, Bez Berry caught a wonderfully read interception and raced in from nearly halfway for the try. 5-14.

The RE forwards had now truly got into their stride, and after a series of bullocking runs, and scrummages which splintered the REME pack, it really felt like the RE was in the ascendancy. The increased pressure soon led to the REME giving a penalty, but in a stiff breeze, Billy Moore didn’t quite make target; in spite of an excellent chase up, there were no points from this phase of play. Soon after Billy managed to evade being tackled in a magnificent move which gave another 5 points to the RE. 5-19. The attempt at the drop goal conversion was wide of the mark. Despite the continued and escalating pressure by the Royal Engineers, there was to be no more scoring in this game. The REME tackling forced errors, but the RE’s pressure stopped them from being able to capitalise on it.

A great start to the RE Masters’ XV Season with some manful displays of physicality and some deft handling from a very capable (and surprisingly athletic looking) Masters’ XV. The final score 5-19 to the Royal Engineers. I look forward to returning to Master’s Duty for the next game!

Reported By Ben Hawkins, RE Masters.



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